Aaron Rose is the Founder of Mavin Learning Resources

Mr. Rose

Founder & President

Aaron’s interest in teaching and working with youth started when he watched his father teaching English in Middle School 12 in Chengdu, China. He went on to study linguistics, and major in Chinese Language studies, completing his undergraduate study through the University of California while studying abroad in Beijing Normal University. He began his teaching career while completing his undergraduate studies in Beijing. 

Aaron spent 12 years in China where he taught English at all levels from beginning elementary English to advanced professional speaking and presentation skills to Fortune 500 executives. After returning to Los Angeles, Aaron managed a learning center, where he felt students were force-fed a lot of busy work without consideration for their individual needs. Compelled to create personalized learning and guidance for students, he founded Mavin Learning Resources with his wife in 2012 with the goal of helping provide students with the resources and guidance they need to make the most out of their transition to adulthood within the context of college preparation and admission. From his personal experience of navigating international education and cross-cultural communication during adolescence, Aaron has developed a keen interest in youth development and learning. He specializes in counseling students to find their inner motivation for learning, unlock their potential, and overcome obstacles in their lives.

Since then, Aaron and his team have helped hundreds of students through high school curriculum, activity planning, and the college application process. In addition to the method processes, Aaron’s warm empathy enables him to understand what students go through in their transition to adulthood, and to build amazing connections with his students that could produce great results. His work has helped many students find their direction and path in life. When he is not working with students, Aaron travels around the country to visit colleges, and hosts a webinar series with admissions directors to help inform students about colleges across the country, and the latest trends in their admissions processes.

Aaron holds a B.A. Chinese Language Studies from UC Santa Cruz and an MBA from Rutgers University. He has College Counseling Certification from UCLA and is member of Higher Education Consultant Association, National Association for College Admission Counseling, and Western Association for College Admission Counseling. 

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