Mr. Lam

Senior Tutor


BS Applied Mathematics, UCLA
MS Statistics, UCLA

Subjects: Middle school and high school math, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, SAT Math

Mr. Lam is a tutor who works with Mavin Learning Resources to help middle school, high school and college students to become a Mathematics expert. Mr Lam holds a master degree in Statistics and bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles.

He has been tutoring for more than 7 years in subjects such as AP Calculus and AP Statistics. Mr. Lam has helped many students pass school tests and finals, and score a 5 in both AP Calculus and Statistics. He focuses on how to raise students’ interest in quantitative thinking for both Mathematics and Statistics instead of chasing for good grades in middle and high school only. He is looking forward to helping you be in love with Mathematics and Statistics.

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