Our Approach

Preparing and planning for college admissions is an increasingly daunting task. Every passing year the application process gets more competitive and frustrating for students, parents, and instructors alike. But in that relentless pursuit of acceptance, we oftentimes neglect the crucial skills that are necessary for long-term success far beyond college. While admittance into top ranked universities is our institutional goal, we have catered our college counseling curriculum to develop learning and life skills that ensure the student’s success in school and beyond. 

At Mavin, we put an emphasis on personal development and goal building. By partaking in our carefully crafted program students will gain a better understanding of what they value and what they want to achieve in life, effectively tying their long-term goals to their academic interests and personal strengths. By challenging them to critically question their intentions, they will be better equipped with the skills and knowledge to overcome monumental obstacles that will present themselves at top ranked schools. Better yet, they will begin to view college as a stepping stone, not a destination.

With this holistic approach dedicated to the long term success of our students, we believe we can make a huge difference in not only a child’s admissions journey, but their college and career journeys as well. With a personally customized curriculum we will ensure that is a reality with your child and push them to be a great student and an even better citizen, ready for long-term success. 

Our Process

Initial Consultation

All prospective clients receive an initial complimentary, 60-minute consultation. While we prefer to see you in person, we can meet online or by phone to accommodate your needs. We’ll take the time to listen to your needs, and show you how we can help you reach your dreams. Schedule a free consultation today!

Meet Your Counselor

After your academic consultation, we assign our students with a qualified student counselor that will best serve their needs. Each student will have a designated student counselor and a program coordinator that will guide them throughout the college planning process.

Building a Stellar Profile

Our Mavin counselors will be there to guide students through their college planning process, providing advice on self-exploration, choosing the right courses, and exploring academic and extracurricular interests. Instead of just recommending activities that will impress colleges, we help our students discover their inner motivation and unlock their potential.

Craft an Outstanding Application

Mavin counselors will guide our students through the whole application process, from selecting the best-fit schools best, devising an application strategy, to filling out the application forms and writing exceptional admission essays.

Submit and Get Admitted

Our team will conduct a mock committee review of students’ applications before they hit the “submit” button to make sure they are immaculate. We will also guide students in submitting supplemental materials and required documents, help with wait-lists and deferrals, and help the families make the final decision as the offers come in!

What's Included In Our Services

College Planning

Get a head start with Mavin’s guidance. We’ll help you set goals, and map out a course of action to make your dreams happen.

  • Career Pathfinder & Aptitude Test
  • Exploring Interests
  • Academic Planning
  • Test Planning
  • Activities Planning & Coaching
  • Writing Coaching
  • Academic Life Coaching
  • College Exploration

College Application

Craft outstanding applications and essays with one-on-one support from MAVIN during the application process.

  • Student Profile Building
  • College List Building
  • Admission Strategies
  • Comprehensive Essay Coaching
  • Resume Coaching
  • Application Guidance & Review
  • Interview Coaching
  • Waitlist/Deferral Appeal

College Financial Planning

College is expensive, but Mavin can help you find ways to save and/or reduce costs for your college experience. Ask us how!

  • College Planning
  • Funding Strategies
  • FAFSA Guidance
  • CSS Profile Guidance
  • Scholarship Search
  • Scholarship Application Guidance
  • Scholarship Essay Coaching
  • Financial Aid Awards Review

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