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Ace Your Admissions Tests

Schedule a diagnostic test

We schedule an initial diagnostic test with you to get a baseline on your current skills and where there is room for improvement. After you take the test, we meet with you to discuss your results, and to create a personalized instruction plan.

Personalize Test Prep Plan

Following Mavin’s test prep curriculum, the test prep instructor will put together a personalized test prep plan with the best-fit materials, frequency and focus, for the student to achieve his/her score goals.

Learning Analytics Gain insight into your learning

Take full-length practice tests according to the personalized prep plan. Our detailed test result analytics will help you focus on the areas that need improvement.

Quality Instruction Experts by your side

Our expert test prep instructors will help you master the content required for the tests, apply practical strategies, and provide guided practice for you to maximize your test results.

Ace the admissions tests

With the personalized test prep plan, expert instructions and intentional practice, you can see your score rise and ace the tests!

How to Ace Your SAT’s?

Many universities and colleges expect you to add SAT or ACT scores with your application when you approach them for your enrolment. It means that your scores can play a decisive role in the acceptance of your candidature. The key to successful SAT or ACT scores is your preparation and the level of dedication you show. Mavin Learning dedicatedly helps the students ace their SAT and ACT. It is high time you plan accordingly for your brighter future.

Starting Your Preparation

We realize how daunting it is to start preparing for your exams. That is why we offer you multiple class options for SAT Test Prep Pasadena. You can pick any class at your convenience. Our teachers have already helped hundreds of thousands of students. Being the experts in the field, they guide students after assessing the students’ core abilities and learning levels.

Our SAT Test prep tutoring, San Marino, has seen and welcomed many students to improve and receive acceptance to their chosen universities. We have assisted the students in bulking up their vocabulary and seeing a remarkable improvement in the results. You can also search for the SAT prep near me, the Sierra Madre to find how we have been playing leading roles.

If it is ACT’s that you are preparing for, don’t worry, we have got you covered. We offer different class options for the ACT prep Temple City as well. The students can choose the best class option as per their convenience and preference. The online ACT prep Monrovia allows you to learn right from the comfort of your own home.

Simple Preparation Guide

To help start you off on your journey, read some of our helpful tips below:

  1. Format: Familiarize yourself with the test formats so that you don’t feel lost while you take the actual test;
  2. Preparation: Start preparing by taking mock tests where you time yourself. Ensure that you review your wrong answers minutely;
  3. Read:Both the SAT and ACT have numerous test prep books. Read them thoroughly for your better understanding;
  4. Memory and Vocabulary: These are crucial, and you must give time to practicing them every day;
  5. Tutoring: It will give you an edge over others. Classes such as ours have developed tried and tested methods to ensure high success rates.

Mavin Learning is the best choice for SAT and ACT tutoring for which received many applauds. We make learning easy and also guarantee a marked improvement in the results. Start your college prep tutoring, Monrovia today, or reach out to us for more information.

Friendly, Comprehensive Instruction For These Tests

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Score Increase Guarantee

If the students fail to see a score improvement, we will provide additional tutoring at No Cost.

For students who are eligible for the service packages, following Mavin’s curriculum, and completing all assigned tasks! 

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