Our Test-Prep Process

Tutor Using Learning Aids To Help Student With Dyslexia

Ace Your Admissions Tests

Schedule a diagnostic test

We schedule an initial diagnostic test with you to get a baseline on your current skills and where there is room for improvement. After you take the test, we meet with you to discuss your results, and to create a personalized instruction plan.

Personalize Test Prep Plan

Following Mavin’s test prep curriculum, the test prep instructor will put together a personalized test prep plan with the best-fit materials, frequency and focus, for the student to achieve his/her score goals.

Learning Analytics Gain insight into your learning

Take full-length practice tests according to the personalized prep plan. Our detailed test result analytics will help you focus on the areas that need improvement.

Quality Instruction Experts by your side

Our expert test prep instructors will help you master the content required for the tests, apply practical strategies, and provide guided practice for you to maximize your test results.

Ace the admissions tests

With the personalized test prep plan, expert instructions and intentional practice, you can see your score rise and ace the tests!

Friendly, Comprehensive Instruction For These Tests

Average ACT Score Increase
Average SAT Score Increase
Success Rate

Score Increase Guarantee

If the students fail to see a score improvement, we will provide additional tutoring at No Cost.

For students who are eligible for the service packages, following Mavin’s curriculum, and completing all assigned tasks! 

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Real success stories that changes lives.

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