Success Stories of Students, Parents, and Teachers

The college counseling here at Mavin Center has truly met and exceeded my expectations. Mr. Rose and his wife, Caroline, do a superb job in introducing and familiarizing the college application process – taking it baby steps by first before delving into the complications. Their college website provides most of the commonly sought information, such as the tuition for each college or university, the percentage of female/male students, average SAT/ACT scores, average GPA, and much more. Since everything is in one, convenient place, the website has saved me a lot of time and provided the most time-efficient way to get information. Some counselors work their job based on the idea of “I’ll get you into college,” but with Mr. Rose and Caroline, they run their idea of not only getting students into college, but also with the idea that students need to enjoy their time in college, finding the right niche to obtain the ‘perfect’ (supposedly) four years there. Gruesome and tedious is the college application process, and I couldn’t have done it without Mr. Rose and Caroline’s help in everything.


About 3 years ago, I was one of you who had nightmares of being rejected by colleges. Aaron and Caroline were right there with me throughout the whole process and made me believe that I’m actually better than I thought. There are many college counselors out there, but very few have the same passion and love as Aaron and Caroline have of what they are doing. That’s what makes things different. And most importantly, Aaron introduced Syracuse University, the best university on the earth to me and it changed my life forever.


Mavin was an extremely important resource for the college application process. Their counselors paid great attention to detail and personalized their service well. In particular, they were able to highlight the strengths of my application in many ways I hadn’t previously considered. Additionally, they had advice from previous applicants interested in similar universities, which helped me fine-tune aspects of my application. Most importantly, their personalization of the essay process made it seem more like an extended brainstorming session, rather than another dreaded deadline that many high school seniors fear. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with Mavin’s college counselors!


I am Robin, and I will be attending New York University, Tandon School of Engineering in fall, 2018. Despite having been learning English for four long years, I still can’t use words to describe my gratitude toward Mavin tutors and the Rose couple.
Four years ago I came to America, and I knew nothing about English or American culture. Working with Mavin’s amazingly skilled and surprisingly patient English tutors, I moved from ELD 1B to the regular English class in only one year, integrating into American culture effortlessly.

My journey in America has been a long and complicated one, yet the Rose couple ensured the road I had been walking on was not too bumpy or winding: from introducing me to the American school system to helping me choose my academic courses, from planning my extracurricular activities to recommending me to the Jisan Research Institute, which played a pivotal role in my college admission process, from planning my future paths to encouraging me to follow my passion, etc, etc. Mavin not only guided me academically, it also guided me through the teenage tumult of my life.

It’s safe to say that the Rose couple are the only people in America I can lay my entire faith upon. After every session meeting with them, I would always feel overwhelmed in a good way: I was always fired up because there were so many interesting activities the Rose couple recommended me to do, and at the same time I was always wondering how the Rose couple had this much resources and how they discovered all the hidden programs and opportunities floating around me. The Rose couple are open-minded, and more importantly, they understand students, as if they are going through the same thing with them. This might sound exaggerated but sometimes I felt the Rose couple are the only people who understand me besides my own family, and sometimes even more than my own family.

By choosing Mavin, you are halfway to achieving your goal. The other half, is to follow its guidelines and put in the work. I hope you can heed my recommendation and find your success in the near future!


Mr. and Mrs. Rose are not just any college counselors. They are life mentors to students and a team who genuinely want to help others with the college application process. I loved how they were super detailed about the application process, keep everything very realistic, and also share their knowledge and teach lessons not only applied in the college application process, but also in life. Alongside the student, Mr. Rose and Mrs. Rose conquer the research and building the college application list, essay writing and revision, and work on other supplemental parts of the college application all while tending to every student’s individual needs and wants. I definitely enjoyed the process working with Mr. and Mrs. Rose on my college application, and thank them for helping me with my college process.


Mr. Rose & the Mavin team were instrumental in both my success in high school and my development as a young adult. In freshman year, I was very reluctantly going through high school, my grades weren’t up to par, and I was not invested at all in my own education or personal development. Mr. Rose provided me with great mentorship, and helped me to become a top student and go beyond my comfort zone and get involved in many things outside of school, thus I became a leader in numerous organizations ranging from service clubs to engineering teams. I am now studying Computer Science at a top STEM school and am poised for success thanks to Mavin. The entire Mavin staff is truly invested in each student’s success in education and life in general, and that’s what sets them apart.


My son got 800 on math and 760 on English. Thanks so much to Dr. Sippl!


I just got 1500 on my SAT, which is a big improvement. Thank you guys so much. Justin is an extraordinary teacher, and I cannot achieve this without him.


My experience at Mavin was wonderful. The college application process can be quite daunting, confusing, and overwhelming, but the team at Mavin did an amazing job at guiding me throughout it all. My college counselor, Keith, and the rest of the counseling team at Mavin tailored my college search to seeking an environment that I would particularly thrive in. They also spent hours proofreading my essays to ensure that not only were they strong and powerful, but also that they truly encapsulate who I am as a person. Most importantly, they helped me to understand what to expect from college and how to make the most of my next four years. I will be attending my dream school this fall, and I am beyond grateful for the unparalleled support and guidance that Mavin has provided me.


My daughter has been getting privately tutored from Mavin for almost 6 months and my son has been taking the SAT classes and getting tutored in biology.  Everyone is extremely helpful, nice and both tutors have helped my kids immensely with not only their grades, but also with their studying, organizational and test taking skills.  Plus, my son’s SAT score went up by 219 points!  He took another SAT class before at another company and found it to be boring and ineffective.  This was the first time he found himself happy and engaged and the results showed!  If you want your child to be recognized as an individual and treated that way and not have a company use a cookie-cutter approach, then give these guys a try.  You won’t be disappointed!


My wife and I interviewed other tutoring centers and found them either too focused on just Asian students or had an arrogant attitude. On the other hand,we have been with Mavin for the last year or so and find this to be a very well-run and professional tutoring center. The owner is an enthusiastic and innovative gentleman who sincerely wants your child to grow into a capable person.  If you want the full suite of services (SAT/ACT prep, college counseling, etc.) you can get them here at a reasonable price. Remember that over 50% of high school graduates (even at Arcadia High School) go directly to community college (which does not require an ACT/SAT). At Mavin we have only experienced one-on-one private lessons in high school (non-AP) math for our senior son and writing workshops for him and his freshman brother. We view this as a valuable long-term investment in their learning and their tutors seem very knowledgeable and very effective. We are quite pleased with Mavin and recommend it to everyone, regardless of your student’s immediate educational goals.


“I had a great experience with Mavin. I started off not knowing anything (about college applications) but they helped me patiently throughout my time in high school and eventually I got into the college I wanted.”


“Working on everything about college applications for almost a year, I have to say that it is an exciting and great experience.

I’m a quiet person, and I find it not easy to openly talk with others for too long. Therefore, it is sort of a struggle for me to complete those essays. For instance, when I started, I wasted so much time on just thinking of what I like; later I spent a fair amount of time on picking my essay topics. For a person like me who cannot decide, Joe becomes my great help. He would help me balance the choices, and it is such joy when we complete each essay. I just feel like everything becomes natural and comfortable, which makes me less worried in this process.
In a word, it has been a great pleasure being guided by Joe and others! “


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