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Aaron and Caroline not only set you up for college, but also for life. I have personally known them for over 2 years and Aaron’s bilingual skills certainly stroke me as an impressive first impression. As we got along the usual college prep tests (manageable) we also started the college application process. Not only Aaron and Caroline patiently assisted in structuring the essay and application itself, they also gave tips that make them sound unique and genuine. As a result, their combined efforts got me into USC, my top choice college.

While most other “college counselors” sever all contact after the college application process,  We still kept in touch.To me, Aaron and Caroline instead became my life advisers and mentors for college and beyond. Occasionally, I still visit them at work to talk about steps and ask for recommendations to achieve my life goal; they are always happy and welcoming to listen to my thoughts and actions, and we will sink into a long and meaningful conversation.