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Mr. Rose has assisted me greatly throughout the college admission process. His strong attention to detail, strategic planning, and unique educational platform was imperative to my success. Under his guidance, I was accepted to 13 of the top institutions in the United States ranging from Georgetown to Johns Hopkins. Mr. Rose helped not only with just the college admission process but also with various factors outside the classroom. He encouraged me to feed my curiosity and pushed me beyond my comfort zone. He stressed time management skills and shunned procrastination. These lessons would go on to further help me in college as it proved to be superb traits for success. All in all, Mr. Rose provided me with the holistic educational support system that not only helped me go to my dream school of Georgetown but also allows me to succeed at Georgetown. As I walk into my Wall Street Investment Banking job beginning this summer, I know that the lessons of encouraging curiosity and proper time management taught by Mr. Rose will continue to help me.